About Gluten Free Superhero

According to Wiki:

superhero (sometimes rendered super-hero or super hero) is a type of stock character possessing “extraordinary or superhuman powers” and dedicated to protecting the public.

According to dictionary.com:

su·per·he·ro  [soo-per-heer-oh]
noun, plural su·per·he·roes
a hero, especially in children’s comic books and television cartoons, possessing extraordinary, often magical powers.

I am here to tell you that Gluten Free Superhero is not saying that *I* am a superhero… Though I think we *all* have it in us.  Gluten Free Superhero is here to help *YOU* be the superhero you need to be, that we all need to be, in order to work around these new challenges in eating a gluten free diet.

What makes me qualified to help you?  Well, I’ve been where you are.  In fact, I still am there, and likely always will be.   Food (ESPECIALLY CARBS :P ) has always been a go-to for me when I’m emotional (especially angry – weird, right?), bored, or tired.  I am always learning, always trying to better what I have done, and always struggling to make the right choices.  (Oh, that’s right, I’m human.)

Though I can trace my issues back to when I was 16 (hindsight is 20/20, right?) my gluten free journey started in 2004 when I met and fell in love with a man that had had a juvenile oat allergy.  This oat allergy, although supposedly “gone,” came to haunt him repeatedly, until we finally made the connection that it wasn’t just oats, but wheat, and gluten in general.  We thought for 4 years that it was YEAST that was bugging him so much.  It may well be, but gluten seems to be WAY worse.  So, with hubby in the office, dinners were mostly GF, but our boys and I still had normal gluten bread and cereal… hubs just ate leftovers for lunch instead of sandwiches.  But man, did he miss his sandwiches.

GF bread was expensive, small, and not that tasty… and in our small town, hard to find.  I spent over ONE YEAR researching gluten free cooking and gluten free baking and gluten free flours and how they interacted, before I baked my first loaf of gluten free bread in the summer of 2011.  I kept thinking, while I was reading for hours and hours and hours, that there MUST be a way to organize all of this info in a way that isn’t so CONFUSING, or OVERWHELMING, or FRUSTRATING…. and damn it!  This is gonna be EXPENSIVE!!!!

Eventually, I went gluten free too (accidentally!), and then each of our boys.  Wow, the eczema?  All but gone.  The sleeping habits?  Better.  My joint pain?  GONE.  Headaches?  Gone.  Say WHAT?  So I needed to learn more.  And boy did I find it.  Through more hours and hours of reading.

There are SO many amazing blogs and sites out there, and you will find links to MANY of them here on my site, in my blog.  These people have helped to educate hundreds of thousands of people, and will likely help you too.

So why another gluten free site?  A couple of reasons:

1) because we *all* LEARN differently.  How I say things may sound like complete gibberish to one person, but give another person repeated light bulb moments.  I may be funny to you, but severely annoying to your best friend.  And your father may have been diagnosed with celiac disease 18 years ago, so he doesn’t need any more info, thankssomuch, but you, well you just got a diagnosis of NCGS (non-celiac gluten sensitivity) last week with your GP, and have no idea where to start.  We are all at different junctures in our lives.  We all have different language and different visuals that speak to us, because we ALL have different world views, different histories and experiences that make us who we are.  That’s what makes us beautiful.

2) because I am a certified life COACH.  And with a huge life change such as this, you might struggle with frustration, confusion and overwhelm.  (If not, then you are AWESOME, and I need your autograph.  Seriously.)  With my coaching skills, I want *help you* see the light at the end of that sometimes really dark tunnel.  To help make sense of the confusion.  To help organize the overwhelm.  And to help you find the knowledge that will dispel the frustration.

3) because I am another voice to come alongside you and assure you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  I have been where you are.  I have cried when I realised that the food that I had in my house, that I *thought* was gluten free, had some hidden wheat in it, and even though I was starving, I had nothing to eat that wouldn’t take me half an hour to make.  I have been in gluten fog, not being able to function, forgetting my keys, forgetting my wallet, forgetting where I needed to drop my kids off.  I have suffered for YEARS with eczema and other skin issues, chronic headaches and joint pain (I’m talking 8 extra strength acetaminophen and 8 ibuprophen every day, *minimum*) that *magically* clear up when the offenders are out of my diet.  Yes, I said offenderS, because I have other things that I eat “free” of… I am THAT person at the party. ;)  Really, you aren’t alone.  It might seem like it, when your family looks at you like you’re crazy, when your GP tells you that you shouldn’t take gluten out unless you have a positive test for celiac (do you know, by the way, how COMMON false negatives are with celiac testing?), when your friends tell you that “oh, it’s just a fad.”  But I assure you, you aren’t crazy, and MAYBE you should (only YOU will know) take out gluten without a diagnosis, and it isn’t just a fad.

4) because not everyone *loves* to read blog after blog after website after cookbook.  Not everyone wants a story behind every recipe.  Not everyone has the TIME to sort all that info out.  Not everyone *can* sort all that info out.  (Believe me, it is *a lot.*)  I want to save you TIME.

5) because not everyone can – or wants to, or *should*, for that matter – buy prepackaged gluten free goods.  They are usually just as processed and nutritionally empty as their wheat-filled counterparts, and making your own will save you MONEY, give you the knowledge that you know what’s in what you and your family are eating, and damn it, it just feels good.


As GlutenFreeSuperhero.com is in its infancy, there isn’t much to the site to explore right now.  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest, and Google+ to see when I add new goodies.  Heck, come back here often, I’ll be adding more stuff every week.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

I’m honoured to share your journey with you.  If you need to, feel free to drop me a line.